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Starting CrossFit



Written by Seth.

I was having a conversation with a family member this past weekend about CrossFit. His statement, which many have uttered, "I think I'll try to get in shape before I start." I understand this sentiment. A quick google search will return hundreds of pictures and videos of very fit individuals glistening in sweat and muscle. They are as beautiful as they are intimidating. Yes, there are people who absolutely look like Greek gods, but they are a very limited and minuscule sample. Most of us are just normal everyday people trying to get fit. We battle ice cream cravings and are tempted with cake. We run our kids to school and soccer practice. We go to work everyday. We show up every day at the gym to improve ourselves from the day before and set ourselves up to be better tomorrow. Our form isn't perfect, but we bust our butts to try and get it there.


Back to my family member's statement. Should you be in shape to start CrossFit? No. That is the point of starting, to get in shape! Come in and meet all kinds of people, each at a different level of "fit." Sure there will be the young folks (and a few older folks as well!) with 6 packs and muscles on muscles, but there are plenty of us everyday folks as well!


The hardest part of CrossFit is getting the courage to walk through the door. Once you do that, it's all downhill from there.