Miles Roberts

Miles Roberts


Star salesman, beet farmer, bed & breakfast proprietor, aspiring freelance bodyguard, office building owner, and  former assistant [to the] regional manager. Novice in martial arts weaponry, paintball, and introductory Spanish. Also I think I have a 1,000lb. Power total.


CrossFit Level 1.  

White belt in several martial arts.

At least CrossFit has shown me I can commit to something.

About Coach

I was an avid soccer player and bike rider growing up. Athletics took a back seat during college, and after starting my career, I realized how life needs balance, and rigorous physical activity, for me, is a big part of that balance. I found CrossFit in the fall of 2013, and quickly saw its potential for me and others like me, and knew I wanted to share it. I found Midnight City in the spring of 2015, and felt at home, got my Level 1 soon after, and started coaching not long after that.

Turning Point

My turning point was definitely after a few years in a cubicle, noticing my health and physical condition decline. I became comfortable with a mostly sedentary life, and I knew I needed a drastic change.

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit changed (and maybe saved) my life. I was fortunate enough to find CrossFit and the supportive community of Midnight City, and they helped me to realize the change I hoped to see in myself. My main goal every time I walk into the gym is to help others realize the same goals and to continue working on myself. And to keep me fit enough for several more decades of beet farming.

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